MilesWeb WordPress Hosting – The Best Hosting for Your Travel Blog

In this day and age, to call “traveling” just a hobby would not be apt. It has become a lifestyle and career for those who like to have new experiences and explore. And it is always so fun to record and share your adventures with others. After all, what is the use of traveling if you can’t tell your story?

It has become a lot easier to do so by blogging. Although it’s a pain, maintaining a simple blog as your travel diary can be rewarding on its own. You get to earn a lot from a good travel blog by promotions and affiliation. However, you have to put insane efforts for a long time. Around 20% of bloggers have admitted that it took them more than six months to begin earning from their blogs.

That is not all!

Starting a travel blog is not as easy as buying a ticket. You have to consider many things like niche, target audience, hosting service and platform. Choosing a hosting service would determine a lot of things about your blog’s future.

There are a ton of hosting service providers out there. You have to make a choice that would be most appropriate to you.

Why is MilesWeb an ideal hosting provider for a travel blog?

CMS Support

There are so many blog-hosting software choices like WordPress, Ghost, b2evolution, etc. Each has its unique features to offer for blogging. Whatever hosting service you choose, make sure that it supports the CMS you chose for your blog. Usually, bloggers prefer WordPress as it has simple yet rich features ideal for blogging. Meaning, the hosting service provider should provide Linux based hosting.

MilesWeb not only provides Linux hosting but also, managed WordPress hosting. The latter one has exclusive features for WordPress sites: full technical support, 1-click installation and so much more.


A travel blogging site can grow unpredictably fast if blogging is done right. Full-time bloggers receive more visitors each day as the number of articles goes up. Meaning, their traffic increases with their popularity putting stress on server resources.

There is also the issue of memory storage. As the articles on the site increase, the media files that mainly consist of high-resolution images are also uploaded. This causes higher consumption of bandwidth and guess what,it puts load on the server.

The bottom line is you need a hosting service that is scalable to allow you room to grow.

MilesWeb’s hosting plans provide the best scalability by giving unlimited bandwidth and storage. You can keep making a lot of blog articles on a single hosting plan for a long time before upgrading to a higher plan.


Remember, travel blogging is a 1-(wo)man show. To keep the show running, you should cut costs wherever possible. Many hosting companies give great bargains on their hosting plans. You can surely find a good deal under ₹500 which is not bad for hosting a travel blog.

MilesWeb has a clear edge over other hosting service providers with cpanel hosting plans starting at ₹40 per month. Their bestseller plan for shared hosting that gives unlimited bandwidth and storage costs ₹130 per month.

That’s quite the deal!


The loading speed of a website is the most critical feature to draw traffic and increase engagement. Did you know? More than 25% of web users don’t browse a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Moral: Slow-loading websites are a deal-breaker for travel blogging.

MilesWeb integrates Cloudflare CDN with Railgun with its hosting service on ultra-high-speed SSD servers to ensure your site always gives optimum performance.

Cloudflare CDN with Railgun’s technology compresses data files and sends them to the nearest data center to the user browsing your website. It accelerates the loading speed of your site tremendously.

Customer Support

Web hosting can present some problems time-to-time. And as you know, technical issues cause trouble for amateurs and pros alike. That is where you call for customer support. Most web hosting companies have dedicated customer support to deal with consumer queries.

However, talking with customer support can get icky with delayed responses, miscommunication, inadequate solutions, etc. It’s something that some of you may have experienced before. Sometimes they aren’t even available which is frustrating because the more time you take to solve an issue, the more your site suffers.

The main reason why users prefer MilesWeb over other hosting service providers is customer support. They have fast and reliable customer support which is available 24/7 all year round. Their customer support executives are well-trained in handling client’s queries regarding their web hosting.

It has earned MilesWeb massive points among its users.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between leading web hosting companies and MilesWeb:

It has earned MilesWeb massive points among its users


As a travel blogger, I have a lot on my plate. I mean to write a travel blog, you have to travel first. I need a hosting provider that would help me manage the technical aspects of my site.

Of course, the site’s performance and cost of maintenance have to be just perfect. The hosting service should not put too many restrictions on the growth of my site. Also, I would need responsive and trustworthy support to manage and deal with any problems regarding hosting.

MilesWeb fulfills all these requirements of mine and gives me great value for my money. So it’s obvious that I recommend MilesWeb’s web hosting service for travel bloggers.