What is the Role of Search in Customer Experience and Perception?

SEO has always been considered a practice used primarily to rank content high on search engine results. This definition of SEO is not entirely wrong. The premise of SEO is to first and foremost optimize the search rankings a website gets.

There is also no questioning the ability of SEO as a technique to deliver. In the early days before digital marketing came along, small businesses and startups laboured to make people aware of their brand and products. This meant only companies with vast resources were able to really have an impact on a marketing front. Newspaper and TV ads were out of the question because they were too expensive and out of reach.

The arrival of digital marketing and SEO has helped these small businesses reach out to a substantial portion of the audience. Now, small businesses can reach their target audience by paying no additional costs and only following SEO guidelines set out by Google.

Over the years, small businesses have morphed into medium-sized highly profitable companies on the back of their impressive performance in SEO. It is no surprise that small businesses are hiring SEO experts and content writers to shore up the organic traffic they get from platforms like Google.

However, there is another trend we see developing in the SEO landscape. Large brands have also begun optimizing their search engine presence with SEO. It is no longer the case that only small companies try and optimize their search presence. Large brands have also latched onto the SEO train.

Why? Customer experience and perception.

In this article, we will study the role of SEO in customer experience and perception.

ORM Benefits

SEO plays a defining role in helping create positive customer experience and perception. For a big brand, getting a low rank in SERPs is bad for reputation, especially if the keyword searched is common. Can you imagine someone searching for shoes on Google cannot find Amazon on the first page of search results?

For a big brand like Amazon, high search rankings are not just about getting more traffic. It is also an important step in building a strong reputation. Thus, the ORM benefits of higher search ranking play a role in shaping customer experience and perception.

Better Reach to Target Audience

A major trait of every large brand is that it is well-known in the market. Thus, name recognition is not a problem for big brands. However, it is more than important to reach the target audience at moments where they are most inclined to buy and make a purchase. If big brands are not discoverable to their target audience at the right moments, they lose them to other competitors.

This is where SEO becomes important. People tend to use search engines when they are looking to buy something or gain info about a product or service they are interested in. If a big brand is not able to appear on the higher end of search results, it stands to lose its customers. This is why SEO becomes very important.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the roles of search in customer experience and perception.

About the Author – KanishkRath is a digital marketing strategist currently working for DelhiCourses. It is an institute known best for its digital marketing institute.

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