Enough about domain authority, What is it?

Domain authority is an index of how relevant a website is concerning the specific subject which it focuses on. Domain authority plays an important part in getting your website’s rank up when people search for specific keywords. You can amp up a lot of content on your website, but if it is general and you do not reiterate on your website again and what your business strives to do, it would not matter. When you use general keywords that have a broad scope, you are fighting against a million websites. Hence, it would help if you used keywords specific to your business line, the product you sell, and your location to fight against, say, a thousand websites. This gives your site a relatively better chance to fight your way up to the top when users search for the keywords you mentioned a couple of times on your website.

Page authority is a part of domain authority. It is quite similar to the latter; the only difference is that page authority measures each web page’s relevance/authority on the site. It is just as important because, ultimately, each page makes up the whole website.

To Know How to increase domain authority easily, Below are three major points on what you can immediately do better with ease to increase your domain authority.

  • Add relevant links – Some websites are put in links to other websites that are not related to their content. No matter how well-built the other website is, it will not get you a higher rank on search engines. The search engine will go through your content to find all that is relevant, links included. Do not overcrowd your webpage with too many links, either.
  • Write relevant content – Content makes up the major part of a website and includes written articles, photos, and videos. The content should be relevant to your goals and products/services. You build your brand image by the quality of the content that you want your visitors to read. It is important to stay on track and not beat around the bush. Long articles become too much to read when it is filled with unimportant things. Give the visitors what they have come for: information about your brand. That’s all. And a little humor, maybe.
  • Improve the site structure – The site structure and friendliness can impact search engine ranking more than you. A website should not take too much time to load, be mobile-friendly, have a proper structure, and look clean, professional, and unique.

Domain authority is thus an essential part of an SEO campaign for any business. It is not something extra. It is already included in it and needs just a little polishing, focus, and relevance to get you up on the top of search engines.

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