7 SEO Trends You Need to Know to Rank Better in 2020

As you know that online competition is highly increasing day by day and there are so many new websites launch daily. So it’s a time for you if you develop a new website and want to see on the top of the world in every keyword. Any website holder wants to have great traffic from which they can earn a huge income, but it is only possible if you doing the best SEO in your to make your website best. First, you have to follow the most important and best Trends of SEO which improves the rank of your website. In this post, we are talking about the 7 SEO trends you need to know to rank better in 2020. After the pandemic, there will be a difference in strategies for SEO. So, prepare for Digital marketing strategies that will make count for you and new startups in the coming time This SEO trend will help you to improve the overall rank of your website on every keyword. 

The best 7 SEO trends which improve the rank of your website

  1. Impact of BERT: Last year in December 2019 the BERT update has come out and the maximum website has seen the negative impact of his update and the rank of the maximum websites is going down. The BERT update is good for that website which has relevant and unique content and good varieties of keywords. So if you want to save your website from BERT update then you must have written quality content on your website and you also have to understand the varieties of keywords that help you to improve the rank and traffic on your website.
  2. High-quality content will win: The value of content is always the main factor of the website. Whenever google visit your site first they will read the whole content of your site and if it unique and quality and easy to understand then the rank and traffic of your website are automatically increase. The content of your website makes you king in the coming time. So make sure to provide usable information and completely relevant to your business. Rank brain update of Google will help you if you are up to date and providing useful information.
  3. Provide relevant data which people want:  At present every people attract towards your website if your website contains relevant data which customer wants. You have to complete the needs and demands of the people that they want. So you must have to update all the information which is relevant to your website so that whenever if anyone visits your website for shopping they will stop and being the best customer on your website.
  4. Must use experienced and technical SEO:  The use of Professional SEO is best for improving the rank of a website. Technical and experienced SEO related to the loading speed of the website and overall all the basic things of an SEO which website wants.
  5. Mobile SEO: Right now the users of the website are highly used through mobile users. So you should always have to do a mobile SEO which gives the best performance to your website. If you use mobile use your website is always a mobile-friendly which is important for you. In the recent survey, it is found that mobile users increased by 25 % in the recent searcher of Google. So mobile SEO is one of the new main factors to rank your website on the top.
  6. Your website must be secured: User safety also impacts the ranking of your website. If your website is not secured then a high bounce rate will affect the rank of your website. So it means you must have to enable HTTPS protocol on your site which gives complete security to your website.
  7. Create Videos as a source of Information: You can also create a video creation along with your content which looks more attractive and is a good source of information to all the users.


Google updates are more frequent in recent times as compared to the past. You have to do more work to make your website more searchable and gain traffic. Traffic and the right information is the key to your success. So the factors which are mentioned above are the best and most trending 7 ways of best SEO which help to boost the rank of your site in 2020 and 2021. If you ever want to see your website on top of the searches then you must have to follow all these steps of best SEO which give a good effect on your website.


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